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4 July 2008:

Man calls 911 after his sauce is left off his sandwich

There is justice in the world: vehicle thief loses his wheels to carjacker

Chef recommends poison plant

Doggy doo halts Olympic practice

Soot saves girl's 14 story chimney fall

2 July 2008:

Now I'd shop here: a clothing store with a bar!

Library offers books, garden tools

Four-year-old boy tries to drive to grandmother's house...

Thief gets stuck under rubbish bin, where he belongs

Hungry? Try this new 44-metre long Mexican sandwich

30 July 2008:

Drive-through prayers. No, really.

Dog appears in court

Polish policemen banned from social networking site

Thai school has toilet for transexuals

World's largest foot massage

Police mistaken for male strippers

25 July 2008:

Gril named Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii gets name change

Boy bites dog

Bird vandalises cars

Stuck on Gordon Brown - literally

Kid cuffed for shooting bully - with a bean

18 April 2008:

Mayor finds lost cat in home wall

Topless woman claims God told her to direct traffic

Airline refuses flights mistakenly sold for five euros

Kids book explains mommy's plastic surgery

17 April 2008:

Man pleads guilty to impersonating the CEO of Skechers

Simpsons back in Venezuela

British parents spent 30 million hours a year choosing baby names

16 April 2008:

Prankster put 3 000 forks in neighbour's yard

Boy survives getting butter knife stuck in his head

Divorcing over the Internet

15 April 2008:

Thief deposits loot with victim

Cour terminates 8-year-old girl's marriage

Gang dressed as cops steals court papers

Tobacco foils robbery

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