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Practical Jokes:
Gags, pranks, and practical jokes to amuse or torment friends, family and coworkers.

Trivia - Games, Puzzles, Quizzes, Jokes & Fun
Play trivia games, take part in trivia quizzes, storm your brain with trivia puzzles, evaluate your memory power with trivia history, or laugh it out with jokes, fun trivia that we feature on are specially screened, categorized so that trivia is always fun. Check out the trivia ecards section, the best collection of trivia ecards for every occasion, people. So much so, we automatically sort out and rate trivia games, trivia puzzles, trivia quizzes, trivia jokes, trivia history, and trivia news so that inappropriate facts, quizzes, or jokes are always filtered out and you get only what you deserve. In fact, we aim at serving you as a one-stop-ship for all trivia requirements.


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