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The average person's skin weighs about 2.7 kg.

A starfish has no head or brain.

It is considered unlucky to use the word 'Macbeth' in a theatre.

Ants and humans are the only creatures that go to war with their own kind.

In 1985 Lamar Gant (USA) lifted a record five times his own bodyweight - a record that still stands today. He lifted 299 kg (660 lb) whilst just weighing a mere 59 (131 lb) himself.

The largest submerged nuclear cargo consists of two nuclear reactors and 16 nuclear weapons aboard the Russian submarine K-219. It sanke in the Atlantic Ocean north of Bermuda on 6 October 1986 and remains resting on the sea bed 5 800 metres (19 000 ft) below the surface.

A blonde beard grows faster than any other colour beard.

The greatest number of people to fit in a Mini was 18, achieved on 3 July 2000.

The average person drinks 1 694 bottles of wine in a lifetime.

An elephant can carry four tons with its trunk.

We eat 854 tins of baked beans in a lifetime.

The Blue Whale's heart is as big as a small car.

The average person consumes 656 bars of soap in their lifetime.

About 1 500 stars are visible to the naked eye on a clear night.

On average, we spend 52 hours a year just dealing with our junk mail.

There are more than 7 000 varieties of rice.

The greatest numbe rof continuous spins made on one foot of ice is 60 rotations achieved by Neil Wilson of the UK on 1 July 1997.

The average Westerner takes 59 holiday trips in his/her lifetime

The tomato plant originally comes from South America.

Kurt Osburn wheelied on his bicycle for a record 4 569 km (2 839 miles) whilst travelling from Hollywood, California, to Orlando, Florida, USA, between 13 April and 25 June 1999.

A large anteater can eat up to 30 000 ants a day.

88% of a mushroom is water. Half of the remainder is indigestible.

69% of the workforce that constructed the Panama Canal died of yellow fever or malaria.

Ice in an Antarctic glacier travels at a rate of 77.4 metres a week.

80% of the human brain is made of water.

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