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Amusing You is a work in progress that will be expanded indefinitely. Any help in building up this website would be greatly appreciated, so please feel free to contribute in any way possible.

Send images

Images are most appreciated contributions, so please send all you have! Note that they must be amusing, odd, wacky and/or entertaining. They can be digitally manipulated or taken from real life, but please state whether they are real or doctored and, where possible, give a caption. Photo credits will be given if asked for.

If you know of any good, entertaining photos on the Web that you would like to share, please just send the URL. If you send a photo taken by someone else, please be sure to credit it to that person.

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Contribute content

If you have jokes, trivia or interesting facts and statistics to share, please send them to the webmaster for publication and help this website to grow. Material can be sent in any common format, such as html, Word or PDF documents, or via e-mail. Information written by others is also very welcome, but please state the source/author and any copyright must be noted.

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Report errors

Errors are bound to crop up from time to time, as well as incorrect facts. It would be greatly appreciated if you would report errors, especially dead links and other significant problems.

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